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Vehicle Restoration/Custom Work in Sterling, IL

Vintage Mechanical Works offers restoration and custom work for vehicles of any make and model. From minor paint touch-ups to complete restoration and modern performance upgrades, our mechanics in Sterling will provide the quality results you need, working with your specific requests and budget.

Restoration/Custom Work

custom engine

We specialize in restoring old, classic, antique, and muscle cars, providing custom work for the interior and exterior. From assisting car enthusiasts with completing hot rods they’ve had in their garage for years to getting an old vehicle up and running again, our restoration specialists can complete any simple or complex job.

While every car restoration is unique, there is a standard, overall process we follow for most vehicles. We begin by taking several photos of the vehicle before disassembly and additional photos during the build process. Next we inspect the entire vehicle before disassembly, in which we separate the good parts from those that need to be replaced. The remaining restoration process depends on the condition of the vehicle and the custom work requested by the client. It begins with old paint and rust removal, followed by body restoration and the installation of all engine and interior parts. Complete restoration takes time, however, Vintage Mechanical Works will go over each step with you in detail to ensure you get the results you’re looking for.

Rust & Paint Removal

rusty car

We also provide rust and paint removal for any type of vehicle, using a 14” x 26” booth for blasting frames, bodies, and other equipment. Powered by a 25 HP compressor and air dryer, costs are kept as economical as possible. If needed, we also use sand to remove rust and paint, and soda crystals to remove paint from body sheet metal that is prone to warping. Soda will not mar or etch glass, chrome, or stainless steel, which allows the paint to be removed without disassembling the entire car, and any soda residue can be removed easily with water.

Modern Performance

red performance part

Our auto technicians also provide modern performance services, including wheel lifts for trucks, cars, and SUVs. We also provide other modifications for newer vehicles to boost performance, including exhaust systems, performance air intakes, transmission, ignition systems, performance chips, drivelines, suspension systems, engine components, and more. From increasing horse power and torque to improving gas mileage, our experienced team will work with you to provide custom performance upgrades to give you the results you’re looking for.

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