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Vehicle Sand Blasting in Sterling, IL

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At Vintage Mechanical Works in Sterling, Illinois, we also provide sandblasting services for cars and trucks to strip the car body and prepare it for repainting.

First, the correct type of media must be chosen to effectively sandblast body panels. Crushed glass is the most effective media and is used most often. The blasting process is done at 40-50 PSI depending on the type of surface we are working with, and we use nozzle tips of various sizes to control the amount of media that hits the metal at once.

Rather than focus on speed, our auto body technicians use the pressure per square inch, media density, and nozzle tip that will be the least aggressive on the metal surface while still providing effective results. When sandblasting is done too quickly, it can damage the auto body, which is why we use the proper technique to effectively remove the paint safely. A typical sandblasting process takes between 6 and 15 hours depending whether or not we are working on the entire car or only a section of the vehicle.

Vintage Mechanical Works has a staff of experienced booth blasters who execute each job with the patience to do it right. This can be done as a stand-alone service, or as one of the first steps in repainting and vehicle body restoration. Contact us to schedule your service today, or stop in to learn more about our vehicle sandblasting services in Sterling.

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